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. and baptized marilyn monroe as a baby and got john wayne his first yob. charlie chaplin helped to design her set. she was the first person to understand people who think that the bible are dull is people who never read the bible. if i put on these pageants in church, it will be like the real housewives of the old testament. you want crazy store stores and intrigue and drama and sex and violence and love and romance and despair, read the bible. and in a nut shell it was the hottest ticket in hollywood. she disappeared governor in 1926 swimming off of the coast of the santa monica area and they thought she drowned and she rees merged and the drict attorney said you were shacked up in the temp nel carmel our musical takes place and starts on the eve before the verdict is about to be read and she takes that opportunity to tell her life store store in hopes that people will understand that none of our lives is defined by one experience. but it is it our whole life that defines us and what we leave behind is remembered. >> i love store stores that are true and sometimes the truth is more intertain
, neither lindsey graham or john mccain told susan rice to go on nam television and mislead the american people. we didn't pick her, he did. if he doesn't like the way she's treated, you come when she's subpoenaed to congress, and answer why she did it. you don't want her to answer the question. she's a career diplomate, i don't think that she needs for president obama to take up for her in a press conference, she's done it a long time. she's going to answer the question, if he thinks that's unfair, he can come answer them. >> mike: congressman, when were you on the show a few weeks ago, you indicated you felt like general petraeus needed to come and testify and you would be compelled to do so. and he has done that, voluntarily and didn't have to, but he did it under oath. what about hillary clinton, the secretary of state. will she be subpoenaed, if she does not voluntarily come to the committees and go through a full-time of testimony? >> the short answer is yes, but i believe she's already volunteered to come, but here is the issue, governor. general petraeus has come once, he hasn't
that is our show. i am john stossel. thanks for being here. huckabee starts now. >> announcer: israel takes out a top hamas leader. the militant palestinian group escalating rocket barrage into israel saying they've opened the gates to hell is our mideast ally on the brink of war? >> former cia director david petraeus testifies on benghazi. >> his testimony was that from the start he told us this was a terrorist attack. >> announcer: the mess sant -- the mess message that went out to the american people was different. who changed the message and why? congressman reacts. >> plus, getting to work on the fiscal cliff. is the edge avoid able? congressman of the house budget committee on the economic cliff-hang gather. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you very much. we've got a great audience. we say welcome to all of you. welcome from the fox news studios in new york city. from the time i first visited israel in 1973, i believe israel is a nation of miracles. it a miracle israel was able to reestablish itself on the ground god gave it 4,
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)